Senior Art Director - NY

New York

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Senior Art Director - NY

New York
Doremus is the smallest, largest, global B2B company in the world. Regarded as one of the best kept secrets in advertising, we’re looking to change that perception. In the last few months, we’ve picked up Creative Agency of the Year honors at the Global Ace Awards and Best of Show at the B2s. Now, with a slew of new account wins, we’re looking to add an experiencedindependent-minded senior art director to help us stay creative and reframe the world of B2B advertising. 

As an art director you will partner with a copywriter to create and implement innovative campaigns across a range of mediums. This runs the gamut from existing client campaigns to new business pitches. While we don’t expect you to know Adobe’s Creative Cloud inside and out, we do expect you to be able to concept everything from TV and long-form video, to print and social. Sure, print may be a lost art, but great design never goes out of style.

In keeping with other age-honored advertising traditions, as an art director, you should be familiar with building docs of all kinds, working with production companies, handling recording sessions, and presenting to clients big and small.


-7+ years of experience in a creative agency or in-house marketing team -Work within a variety of media (video, digital, social)
 -B2B and B2C knowledge and/or experience -Ability to balance and prioritize multiple projects and work in a deadline-driven environment
 -Talent overseeing campaigns from creation through production -Good presentation skills (in person and via Zoom) and the aptness to hit mute quickly if needed -Ability to work well with others and not be a jerk -Relentless curiosity  

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Doremus is an agency dedicated to the business of the brand. That means we study business. We believe that a day spent working on creative solutions to a complex problem you've never solved sure beats a day working on a problem you've solved a hundred times. That is why we're here.